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I have a mavic pro and went to a wedding in Ohio last week and could record and footage do to the size of my drone so I purchased the Tello to be able to cover a little indoor footage
Hi, I took pictures with my new tello drone. However, the pictures are scrambled. How can I solve this problem?
I bought the black Tello battery hub (3battery) it charges one battery at a time but it will charge the battery that has more juice first.. all 3 batteries dead, 1hr 45min charge time.....not bad for 3 batteries
I saw a video where a guy bought that LEGO attachment and mounted a 5.4 AIO camera and he angled the camera to his desired level... it was cool, but th extra weight tolled on the battery by shaving 3-4min of flight time...
I hope on the next Tello the camera can manually move up and down.. why? In “fast mode” if you are not over 20ft high, all you see is ground.. makes for a chummy video during flight. But I still love this drone!
I just recently purchased the MI WiFi repeater and I have noticed that the frame drop out has almost completely stopped! The range has increased x2. The only thing I noticed is in “fast” the quad is slower.. but I am ok with that because it has not dropped a fram since I started using it.
Hi Krag
Were you able to stream video from dji tello to your laptop? I can see the udp traffic by the method you described but don't know how to play the video. Is it possible to play with VLC player?

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