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Recent content by Beire

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    Gaming Mobile holder grip

    Great tip, thanks!
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    Blue light won’t stop blinking what kinda of usb do need

    Use a usb charger wich at least has a output of 2.0Amps at 5Volts. That works fine for me. When i used a charger with less amps (1.55A) the blue light was blinking slowly for more than 2 hours. :-( https://tellopilots.com/attachments/47326543-1-zoom-jpg.819/
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    Tello weight with and w/o battery, props, props guards [images inside]

    Nico to read, thanks for the work/info. Do you have a link for these guards?
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    Ryze tello camera trick

    Thanks, going to try this as soon as i get a better video transfer to my phone.
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    Ryze tello camera trick

    Nice, any diy info about this?
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    Anyone downloaded/installed the latest firmware?

    Did you get an replacement DaviDH?
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    New tello

    How was the terrace flight?
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    Welcome Andrea!
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    Prop guards on/off configuration in app?

    Did not see this option either...
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    another Tello Pilot (Android App)

    Should be nice if whe can have a free test period for about 1 week or so to test the app. ;-)
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    Battery charging

    As said by Mattia: Depends on charger you use. I use the travel adapter from my Samsung phone to load the battery.: The first time it went well, but one of the following chargings the battery seemed not to get fully loaded... The blue light was blinking slowly for more than 2 hours. :-( At...
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    Anyone downloaded/installed the latest firmware?

    Just Recieved a message to donwoad and install newer firmware on the Tello. This one is Is this just new or already an older version wich i receive now because i just have the Tello less than 2 weeks? EDIT: Just found the answer on the net so disregard my question. Sorry...
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    Castle Waldthausen / Germany