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Recent content by capnsquarepants

  1. capnsquarepants

    Additional Camera Options? (SQ11)

    I got myself a Hawkeye Firefly Micro, and the Tello lego adapter (as suggested by @Wbrownj) I'm waiting for the lego adapter to arrive, and will mount it on top of my Tello. I would say that having the mount on the bottom could be risky, as an awkward landing could probably break the mount or...
  2. capnsquarepants

    Headlight for Tello

    Brilliant, I have ordered the adapter, and "borrowed" my sons flat lego block. I shall await for its arrival.
  3. capnsquarepants

    Headlight for Tello

    I can imagine flying it in the evenings and looking really cool! I'd attach it, but my mini camera has arrived and I'm intending to add it to my tello.
  4. capnsquarepants

    Voice recording

    I am unsure about iOS, but on androids we usually have a voice recorder app that can run in the background and record audio. If you're asking about recording audio from the drone itself, sorry. The Tello doesn't have a built in microphone. :/
  5. capnsquarepants

    Jerky Movement

    I use a cheap gaming stick (not an affiliate link) to fly my Tello, if it means anything. Having a tactile stick may help in controlling the jerky behaviour.
  6. capnsquarepants

    Tello does not start after the propeller replacement

    Check that you have put the correct propeller. There are notches on two of the propellers. Those should go to the front (where the camera is at) of the quadcopter.
  7. capnsquarepants

    How much weight?

    I just purchased the Hawkeye Firefly here (not an affiliate link heh), and am waiting for it to be delivered. At 14 grams (28 when using the case), I think the Tello should be able to handle it. I had wanted to use my SJCam M20, but it was too big :/
  8. capnsquarepants

    Grey images

    I like this shot a lot!
  9. capnsquarepants

    Jerky Movement

    I have the same issue, but only when I'm outdoors and it's windy. Indoors it flies relatively smoothly.
  10. capnsquarepants

    Where are the mods? We are being invaded.

    I'm resorting to ignoring the spammers (from their profile) to be able to read messages from the normal users.
  11. capnsquarepants

    Hello from Singapore!

    I won a Tello in a lucky draw, so here I am. I've had cheap, low quality quadcopters before, so having one that can actually keep still while hovering is a reveleation!