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Recent content by cometman

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    aTelloPilot no longer supports Gamesir T1s?

    Thanks for the tip. It was a cable issue. Now it works with Tello FPV, which I prefer to aTelloPilot.
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    aTelloPilot no longer supports Gamesir T1s?

    Just went to fly my Tello after some down time and it looks as though aTP will only connect via Bluetooth vs. USB. Does that mean I can no longer use my Gamesir T1s?
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    Stuck in left-hand yaw.

    Tried to fly yesterday. Took off OK then went into slow left-hand yaw. Using Gamesir T1s. Disconnected Gamesir and just used smartphone controls. Problem went away. Any thoughts?
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    Tello app intermittent connection on boot

    Try the aTelloPilot app. A lot more stable.
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    Loosing signal with Xaiomi wi-fi extender.

    Thanks for your reply. I think having my Tello address still in my phone may have been the problem. Every time I start up the Tello with the Xaiomi I get both the "Tello" and the "Tello_plus" network on my phone and it looks like they compete for eachother. I probably should tell it to forget...
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    Loosing signal with Xaiomi wi-fi extender.

    I was flying my Tello yesterday with the Xaiomi wi-fi extender. Everything is connected OK but I lost the signal twice. ATelloPilot app showed a good wi-fi strength. Any thoughts as to what might be causing this?
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    Corrupt video on Tello app

    I'm a big fan of the aTelloPilot app. I use it with the Gamesir T1 controller and an OTG cable. Both control and video are excellent.
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    Hello from Upstate NY

    Hi and welcome. A controller definitely makes it easier. I use a Gamesir T1 (not T1d) cabled to my Android with an OTG cable with the aTelloPilot app. This setup eliminates the need for a Bluetooth connection so the video feed is uninterrupted. You might also want to consider the Xaiomi wifi...
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    Smartphone joysticks

    The "joystick" sensitivity is better on the aTelloPilot app vs. the Tello app. That being said, the Gamesir T1 (not T1d) controller and micro USB OTG cable can be found on Amazon or eBay for around $35. This combo used with the aTelloPilot app gives the most stable flight and flawless video...
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    I really prefer the aTelloPilot app with the T1. Solved all my issues.
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    Phone not supported

    Looks like it will. There's a utube video you can google.
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    I know that its probably been covered but...

    The ultimate cure for me is a Gamesir T1 (not T1d) controller connected with a micro USB cable to my Android using the aTelloPilot app. It eliminates the Bluetooth connection that causes the video lag issues when it interferes with the wifi.
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    Controller Help (yes another one)

    I use a Gamesir T1 controller cabled to my Android with the aTelloPilot app. The Gamesir can be had on Amizon or eBay for about $35.00. It's a great controller for the money. This setup bypasses the need for a Bluetooth connection, resulting in lag-free video.
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    Phone not supported

    Definitely suggest aTelloPilot app. You might also want to consider the Gamesir T1 controller.
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    Got my (my sons) Tello, We are flying but have had problems.

    You might also try the aTelloPilot app as an alternative to the Tello app. It's available for Andoid phones for $4.99. It has none of the glitches a lot of people have had with the Tello app. I use it with a Gamesir T1 with a cable connection. Eliminates the video lag issues. Good luck!