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Recent content by dejhon

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    New DJI mini3 pro drone, How's it?

    DJI has just introduced a new drone — it,s most capable ever to squeak under the 250-gram limit that keeps operators free from a whole host of headaches and restrictions for flight (note that local laws and rules still do apply — being small doesn’t mean you can do anything you want). The DJI...
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    Parrot airborne, anyone?

    How ??
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    New drone pilot from Maryland USA

    I am using this Ryze tech Tello. Which is great for use thanks to its compact size, For Lightweight it is very easy to mount and detach. The high-quality image processor helps produce a bright and clear image of the surroundings, helping you see everything clearly even from far away. If you want...
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    DVD drive replacing tips needed?

    Thanks, Which brand NVME is better Please mention with speed. I have used Transcend SATA SSD.
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    DVD drive replacing tips needed?

    I am using a Dell Inspiron 15 3593 model laptop, I have removed my 1TB HDD and attached a 120GB SSD. Now I want to replace my 1TB HDD with the DVD drive. How can I do this and what type of accessories are needed?