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    Hello from Germany

    Hi, why not? The Tello creates his own Wifi Hotspot that will not be involved in things like "geolocking" or something. So any Device who runs the app can be used with the Tello regards Michael
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    Hello from Germany

    Hi, My Name is Michael , just bought the Tello last week. The Tello is my fun Drone beside my other RC Planes, Helicopters and DiY Quads. I´m a model hobbyist for over 15 years now. Would like to share my experiences and probably foundings to the community if i can do so. cheers Michael
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    Tello. Whats possible?

    Hello, I'am new in the TelloVersum, my Name is Michael and i come from Germany. My englisch isn´t perfect but i believe i can understandably express ;-) For those who struggle with the installation of the "Keyboard" Module like me. When on Windows , please install Python 2.7 Python 3 won´t...