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Recent content by Falconeyes

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    high, low & wide

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    Tello app forgets settings

    As I’m sure most of you know, there are settings in the Tello app to increase the quality of both photos and videos. Is there a way to make the app/drone remember these settings? Every single time I use my Tello I have to set the picture and video quality up to max again.
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    A few shots from a fresh Tello pilot

    Thanks a lot guys! The Tello is really easy and fun to use! I live in Norway, northern Europe.
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    A few shots from a fresh Tello pilot

    Hey guys! Just wanted to share a few shots taken With my Tello so far. This is my first drone, and I must say it is a lot more fun than I expected so far! Have any of you guys here upgraded to a Spark or Mavic Air, do you think it is worth it? :) A short video as well: