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Recent content by georgi UK

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    Air Ambulance out again

    Our new super-hero!
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    Gyroscopic effect in a drone

    Not sure I understand the Q? the contra-rotation is for the yaw axis to stop the tello from spinning, the 4 gyro's are still active,,,,, which we need for rudder control.
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    Tello Conservation

    Perfect and peaceful, again,,,, ! :)
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    Tello at Google Earth, flying over river park like you never seen before

    I have used .kml logging files to access/extract data from flight logs. This is what you are using here, but I'm not clear from the 'theme park ride' what you can see in terms of data? I would be able to see available gps sats, airspeed, altitude, signal strength etc by mouse hovering the ride...
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    Mi app & Mi Repeater

    I also remembered having to set the server as Mainland China, this vid is correct but I had to do the setup many times before I succeeded,. My post of frustration is in here!! so keep at it,,,,,
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    Mi app & Mi Repeater

    I think you may have missed the first step, which is to name the Tello in the software with a password, then enter this in the step where you connected to local wifi. and keep us posted,,,,,
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    Video Question

    Upload to YouTube and add from there,,,,,
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    Another pilot from Brazil!

    Hey! and lets see those pics! :)
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    Hello from istanbul

    Hey from the UK! :)
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    Hi everyone! I'm new forma Italy!

    Tello is all you need right now, keep fighting,,,,, :)
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    New pilot from Romania!

    Been to your country and stayed in Cluj-Napoca for 2 weeks, keep fighting, we have to,,,,, :)
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    Hi from the UK, hope you guys are fighting hard, keep getting up again,,,, we can do this. :)
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    New pilot from the uk!

    It's been quite a journey for me trying to understand the process but it connects every time now. Use the Xiaomi 2 repeater, it boosts the iPhone Pad wifi signal. So it plugs into a remote battery USB port, and latches the Tello with its connection, giving enhanced results in terms of range...
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    New pilot from the uk!

    Good to see you in here! it's a great platform / entry drone, use an extender/repeater for better range and vid quality,,, get some extra packs from Laptops direct, like half price!,,,
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    Fast Mode by Default

    Same here for my camera settings, and fast mode, both return to defaults. I prefer to select the drone wifi manually as pre-flight checks,,,,