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Recent content by ijay

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    My first video

    nice, fly safe
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    Night flying

    my guess if tello use IR sensors , it will be allowed to night flights
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    Photo quality

    lighting have a major effect on photo quality, also check camera lense for defects.
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    Tello with Water Landing Drone Accessories

    i just want to save tello from unexpected water landings
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    Tello with Water Landing Drone Accessories

    Hi have you ever tried using tello with Water Landing Drone Accessories. ;) Hope it will be cool and more safe to fly on water surfaces. :geek::giggle:
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    Day at the beach

    nice, maximum altitude you flew?
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    Tello ready to take off!

    Thank you for your explanation
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    Tello ready to take off!

    Any idea how the wifi signal wave spreads from extender? a good way fix the extender. . .
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    To check whats around and WiFi signal strengths

    I use this app for check what wifi networks around, might be useful to move for an interfere free area with your tello :geek: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.farproc.wifi.analyzer
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    Test shot at 15m

    good, i have done 30 without any repeater because there were no any other wifi to interfere :geek:
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    Test shot at 15m

    nice, try 30m next time
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    New pilot

    good, be careful with high altitudes
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    Tello no video record

    check available space on mobile, is it indicating record button while recording?
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    Atellopilot app

    why it is a paid app? can anyone give it me for free :cry:
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    My first ever drone

    Try install this app and it will be ok to control tello :geek: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.ryzerobotics.tello&hl=en