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Recent content by Kuliss9

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    10m altitude limit

    Guys be carefull about 30m limit. Every-time my Tello goes above 20m it starts drifting and become almost uncontrollable also with Xiaomi repeater with full signal.
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    Gamesir T1D- anyone have one yet?

    Anyone tried to connect Gamesir T1D to Spark? Is there any chance to work with Spark?
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    Hello from Kutna Hora (Czech Republic)

    What an amazing little guy Tello is. I'm a owner for almost a month, its my very first experience with drone and still cant believe how amazing this little thing is. (Thinking about buying Mavic Air very soon :D). If you want to see more picture follow me on instagram @Kuliss9 and...
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    WiFi repeater

    Anyone know where to buy USB to Lightning adapter? I would like to use this Xiaomi extender with iPhone X. I have found on aliexpress only adapter with cable like this one. I found one adapter without cable on amazon, but it was quite expensive to send it to Czech Republic :/. EDIT: Ebay helped.
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    App is in Chinese – how to change language?

    Thanks a lot Matiees, problem solved :).
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    App is in Chinese – how to change language?

    Same issue with APP in Czech Appstore on iOS about 90% of app is in Chinese. Any idea how to switch it to english?