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Recent content by Monkeemunch

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    Ps3 controller with iPhone 8/ for Tello

    I can confirm that, in the current ios13 beta it does work.
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    DJI Ryze TELLO Cinematic Footage 20th.Eps - "Kembangan Village"

    Nice video! The drone looks very high, are you filming from a high start off point?
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    Battery health

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    Battery health

    What is the best way to store the battery between flights? Is it ok to leave it fully charged for a week or should it be fully discharged?
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    fpv at midnight

    Great video! How does it impact flight times with the added weight ?
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    Hello from Fort Lupton, Colorado, USA

    Nice pic! You look fairly high in that picture, are you using the WiFi extender?
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    Tello Firmware refuses to download

    iPhone se, UK and think it was my 2nd update-is there a way to check firmware update number- sorry still very new to the Tello.
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    Tello Firmware refuses to download

    I downloaded it yesterday on my iPhone without problems. The firmware said it had added support for swift playground, if that’s the latest firmware?
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    Hello from Fort Lupton, Colorado, USA

    Look forward to seeing some drone pictures, sounds like a beautiful place to live!
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    New Tello app update

    Yes, did so today, I’m UK based.
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    New Tello app update

    On my update it says added support for swift playgrounds. What is that? A programming app?
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    Greetings from Wales

    Hello all, recently got myself a Tello so I thought I’d stop by. Looking forward to reading the hints and tips on here to help me. :)