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Recent content by Nader

  1. Nader

    More than 30 meters, Italian Alps!

    Nice! Beautiful!
  2. Nader

    tello's strange behavior

    No, hasn't happened to me. Have you tried with another mobile phone and trying to turn on the lights (ambient sensors work better)?
  3. Nader

    Do you have a Tello? You better get a few spare motors

    Please ellaborte. How did they break? Didnt you have warranty?
  4. Nader

    New app version for Android

    Do you happen to have a Huwaei phone? Thr new app has not yet arrived for me (moto x)
  5. Nader

    Positioning sensors

    Uh, right! Thanks for the clarification.
  6. Nader

    Positioning sensors

    Hi there, When the tello is on and I look at the two black sensors on the underside of the tello only one is lit red. Shouldn't both of the sensors be on/red? Regards/Nader