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Recent content by Nixtoo

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    Not sure which controller to get?

    Choices are: Mad Catz, pros very cheap (£13) cons Bluetooth (concerned it will affect video feed) and the sticks are is a slightly odd position. Game sir t1d, pros designed for tello, cons more expensive (£30) than madcatz and still Bluetooth, Gamevice pros not blue tooth, cons price (£80)...
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    Gamevice Controller

    Have you tried this yet? Which model mini are you using it with?
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    Gamevice help

    Hi, I thought I’d get a second hand gamevice off eBay to control the Tello. It’s turned out to be more complicated than I thought. Most eBay ones are the older GV 141 sold for the iPad mini 1-3. I’ve seen one comment on amazon that this won’t work with the Tello and that it won’t fit the mini...
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    Tello $80 With 2nd Battery Free Shipping

    I do, I had ordered from DJI over the weekend, bu their process is so slow that I cancelled Monday before they had even fully process the order. Ordered from heliguy yesterday day and it will be delivered today!
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    Tello $80 With 2nd Battery Free Shipping

    Heliguy in the UK are now offering this deal too!
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    They were very slow when I ordered the spark and kept giving me different information. Although if no other retailer is doing that offer I will order from dji.
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    It only seems to be dji doing the free battery in the UK, Shame as they are my least favourite retailer! Customer service is terrible.
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    Has anyone tried the mad Catz micro controller?
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    Fly your favourite Lego Minifig!

    Arghh, Lego not Legos! Saying that my son wants a Tello for his birthday in August, I haven’t ordered the drone yet but I have ordered the Lego clip. Now I need one for my spark!
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    Tello accessories

    Does it cause more skipping with the controller? The mad Catz seems good value.
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    Tello accessories

    I’m going to get a Tello for my son (8th birthday) as I thought it would be a better option than letting him anywhere near my spark! I’d like to get a controller but am concerned about interference from Bluetooth. Are there any wired controllers at a reasonable price (iOS). What’s the best...