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Recent content by Pixies Channel

  1. Pixies Channel

    7 in 1 USB hub port by Zmoon in Amazon.

    It is mate, Quite handy if you fill your SD card out whilst doing videos.
  2. Pixies Channel

    First time in Sports mode. TelloFPV.

    This was the first time ever I went into sports mode with the tello.
  3. Pixies Channel

    Low flying Tello

    Thanks for the comment, I used Sony Vegas 15 pro, It was a free version that you normally have to pay for, I got it off YouTube just by typing in free sony vegas 15 to download, The music was off YouTube music. Thank you for watching.
  4. Pixies Channel

    Tello dancing at 400ft?????????

    Glad you liked it mate.
  5. Pixies Channel

    Low flying Tello

    Thank you for the feedback, I saw it was dark on the tablet so I adjusted the colour within the TelloFPV app.
  6. Pixies Channel

    Prop-guards or not?

    Hi all just a quick question, Do you guys use your prop - guards when you fly your Tello? I find the footage is a lot smoother without the prop guards than with, I will most likely use them in tight spaces but apart from that, it's a no from me.
  7. Pixies Channel

    DJI Ryze TELLO Cinematic Footage 21st.Eps "Magelang - Indonesia"

    Very good footage, how high did you go, This was very well flown, Great job.
  8. Pixies Channel

    My first outdoor flight and photo!

    Nice picture my friend, Have you got the TelloFPV app a lot better than the normal Tello app, You do have to buy it but there is a free version for you to try out first. It's only £4.49 so well worth it.
  9. Pixies Channel

    Dataran Pontian Footage

    Very good flight, Nice and smooth.
  10. Pixies Channel

    Low flying Tello

    I went out with the Tello just to have a fly around, I thought I would practice some low flying. I hope you all enjoyed the video so please smash the like button and please share with your friends.
  11. Pixies Channel

    Belgium..at a good Friend place

    Very good photos my friend.
  12. Pixies Channel

    Greetings From Dubai

    Welcome, You will have a blast flying these drones.
  13. Pixies Channel

    Panoramic by the TelloFVP app gone wrong.

    Hi all, I tried to do a panoramic shot with the Tello drone but it all went a little wrong.
  14. Pixies Channel

    Belgium . air pics

    Nice pictures mate.loved them