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Recent content by redruff

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    ZigBee Support?

    Is that a scan of your tello?
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    New firmware enables 30m altitude!

    lots of code written with the old values...not that big of deal just need to change code.
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    tello motors

    I solder in JST connectors so the next time replacement is plug and play.
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    Tellos in education

    Got this email from DJI this morning. After our last call about TELLO EDU project, we managed to find a content developer to help DJI create an integrated service package for this project, and it is expected to be ready in early Sep. And we are about to start with 3 packages at first with...
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    Tello Battery Charging Hub

    The only thing I can think of is the DJI one uses micro USB so maybe USB can't provide enough amperage to charge three at once? It's a dumb and disappointing design.
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    Tello Battery Charging Hub

    Just thought I'd throw this out there as an FYI and a little disappointed.... The Tello charging hub, the official one from Ryze/DJI.. It holds three batteries but only charges one battery at a time. According to the directions, "The Tello Battery Charging Hub charges batteries in sequence...
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    Tello EDU, a new drone,(may be new firmware only) new app for schools

    I got a grant from my school foundation to buy 15 Tello's the order has been sitting there unfilled since May 23 with DJI. Just last week they emailed and said it would be delayed even more due to production issues! But back to the discussion, I stopped doing robot events here in the US because...
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    Tello EDU, a new drone,(may be new firmware only) new app for schools

    6k! How many drones come in the kit! I don't know about any other schools but 6k is about 6 years of budget! If that's the case, there is enough reverse engineering going on right here to not warrant the cost! AND I can write my own course!
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    Brushed motors life expectancy (now with answer from Ryze)

    Check out the policy here; Remember all the warranty issues are done through Ryze not DJI Ryze Tech
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    Tello EDU, a new drone,(may be new firmware only) new app for schools

    I talked to Sebastian for about an hour last week. They are looking for ideas how to get into the edu market in the US. I gave him a few ideas that he liked... I asked if the Edu Tello would be different, and I don't know if I heard it right, the connection wasn't the greatest. Don't quote me on...
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    Hello From Scotland!

    Welcome and happy flying.
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    yep, the Tello is proving to be particular about certain cables. I have not put my finger on what makes one work and another not, but I have experienced this and so has my buddy.
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    First Pic

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    Tello at night

    You should have gotten a low light warning from the app...
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    Cannot connect Tello

    Is the Tello listed in your phone's Wifi networks list?