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Recent content by richardbenjamin

  1. richardbenjamin

    QUESTION: How crash resistant is the DJI Tello? Share your stories!

    I'm a lousy pilot, so I've crashed mine most times I've flown it and it's still flying! I flew it at speed into the chimney on my house. It bounced down the roof and landed on the roof of my car. It slightly dented my car, but the Tello only suffered a broken prop-guard (not actually part of...
  2. richardbenjamin

    New Tello Pilot questions

    I can attest to the fact that the Tello takes quite a lot of bashing! I don't think the protective cages significantly reduce flight time - maybe only by a couple of minutes. Beware of going near trees with the cage on - or even just with normal prop-guards on. Designers of Christmas tree...
  3. richardbenjamin

    awesome-tello list - Important links wanted

    Thanks @tellosopher ! That looks like a really useful list! :D(y)
  4. richardbenjamin

    My tello went to drone heaven.

    I stuck it with sticky tape around the tile and onto each side of the battery, then more sticky tape around the battery to hold the previous tape in place. It's actually very secure. The Tile appears to work in exactly the same way as the Filo Tag. I got someone to hide my Tello in the garden...
  5. richardbenjamin

    My tello went to drone heaven.

    Well it works very effectively with the Tile on the back of the battery like this.
  6. richardbenjamin

    My tello went to drone heaven.

    The shipping for the Filo tag from Italy to UK doubled the price of the tag, so I bought a Tile Mate instead. Very similar and it arrived today.
  7. richardbenjamin

    My tello went to drone heaven.

    I'm definitely interested in the bluetooth locator. I see they are on the Italian Amazon website. (FiloTag Keyfinder 2020 | Localizzatore di Oggetti tramite App. Tracker Bluetooth | Ritrova gli Oggetti che Hai Perso | Colore Rosso. Misure: 25x41x5mm | Pack da 1: Amazon.it: Elettronica), and...
  8. richardbenjamin

    My tello went to drone heaven.

    So sorry to hear this, @Biggie777 . I flew mine into the top of a large mature oak tree. Fortunately, it was in my back garden, but it still took several days with binoculars to find it. Eventually and just before some very stormy weather, I managed to recover it. I had to climb high up in...
  9. richardbenjamin

    Tello lost wifi connection mid-flight

    That's ok unless you lose the contact above a tree!! ;-)
  10. richardbenjamin

    Fall Leaves in Ontario, Canada

    Wow! "Fall" in Canada looks so much prettier than autumn in the UK.
  11. richardbenjamin

    Pilot Styles & Beginning of the End ?

    Thanks @Fari ! Always enjoy your videos. Love the ground-testing you do before I try anything! Loved the second video here, presumably filmed from one drone (on TelloMe) of another. Come back soon!
  12. richardbenjamin

    Tello is not a Tesla, BUT

    Wow that looks cool. Not much space on my antiquated phone (Android 8.1.0), but will try to install that and have a go.
  13. richardbenjamin

    Fumble and retrieval

    I did exactly the same thing and got my Tello caught up and hanging like this in an oak tree (UK). It spent a night in the tree and I only managed to locate it the next day. I had to climb the tree, (pretty scary at the age of 51). Moral of the story is that the prop guards are like instant...
  14. richardbenjamin

    Tello VS SpiderWeb

    Wow! What sort of monster spiders do you have in Canada?