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Recent content by sfs-archery

  1. sfs-archery

    New Android app

    The only thing i see at the moment is that the photo quality setting is saved. Video recording shows no improvement. No other (new) problems with this version. Regards sfs-archery
  2. sfs-archery

    Hi from Midlands, UK

    Welcome to the forum. Have fun with the drone. Was my first drone, too. regards sfs-archery
  3. sfs-archery

    Hello from Davao City

    Welcome. Hope to see some tello pictures from you.
  4. sfs-archery

    hello from Italy

    Welcome. Have a anice time. The tello is really nice and makes a lot of fun.
  5. sfs-archery

    From Italy with love

    Welcome. The tello,was my first drone, too. Vety nice drone 👍
  6. sfs-archery

    Hello from México

    Welcome to the forum. What other drones do you have next to the tello?
  7. sfs-archery

    Hello from Malta

    Welcome. Have fun with the litte drone. It is an amazing piece of technique.
  8. sfs-archery

    Pictures in a marina at Fajardo, Puerto Rico

    Looks good. On my Location it is pretty cool and there are no boats. When is see your Pictures i am thinking back to my last holiday.
  9. sfs-archery

    DJI TELLO Cinematic Footage - 7th.Eps "Farmland - Indonesia"

    looks very good. very smooth video.
  10. sfs-archery

    Checking in

    Welcome. Hope younger the informations you need and that you have a lot of fun with this little drone. Hope to see some pictures from Ireland. I love this country.
  11. sfs-archery

    Tel Aviv ..Morning today

    nice photos. Thanks for showing 👍
  12. sfs-archery

    Hi'from colombia. 😁

    Welcome. Have fun withnthis little drone.
  13. sfs-archery

    Hello from USA

    Welcome. Hope you get the help you like. have fun. regards sfs-archery
  14. sfs-archery

    My Tello’s first flight outside.

    good photos. Hope you get your beach house repaired soon. regards sfs-archery
  15. sfs-archery

    Avocet from Maine

    Welcome. Tellos as a tools for the training. Interesting (y)