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  • I may break down and get a stand alone control box for my Tello. I do not like flying it from an iPhone.

    I. Just bought a prop guard for my Tello. You say, “It comes with prop guards.” But those cover the individual props, with gaps between the guards. You can still get your fingers in. The new one, also a DJI product, goes around the whole thing, which I think is better.
    My stalwarts are now the Tello and a MicroDrone 4. I have several Bangood knockoffs. Quite cheap and very capable, but I feel guilty buying Chinese knockoffs, even though they are almost exact duplicates. Any thoughts about Bangood?
    I have several small quad copters and a large Phantom 4. Things have changed a lot since I started. Initially there was no altitude hold, return to home, emergency landing, etc. The learning began with just trying to keep the aircraft in one place!
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