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Recent content by ststith

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    IOS Developers Beware

    Volate!lo. As an iOS user I hope you are eventually successful. Seems Ryze is the enemy in not giving you an authorization. COME ON Ryze, give us iOS users a chance to use Volate!lo's awesome application. Thanks, Steve.
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    Step by Step Setup for Xiaomi WIFI Repeater 2 Amplifier (increases distance up to 550+ ft!)

    martinpi. Glad you are able to use the Mi2 repeater. Will be interesting to see the results of your park test. And yes, it is sneaky that you need to ignore the error message and just confirm the mi2 repeater in indicating a blue light. That issue had me stumped for a while. Steve.
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    CONNECT TELLO to EERO Mesh WiFi System?

    My grandson has a Tello. His father just installed the EERO Mesh WiFi System with three (3) nodes. Can the Tello be connected to that network as to extend the range of the Tello within their house? Currently the Tello loses WiFi connection to an iPhone X when near the extremities of the house...
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    dji 3-battery charger failure.

    Flydrone, thanks for your responses and suggestions. I will purchase a second DJI charger and will then be able to charge five (5) batteries sequentially. Just surprised that a DJI product failed only after a little over one (1) year of light service. Steve.
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    dji 3-battery charger failure.

    Flydrone. You are correct, BUY a new loader (charger). There are screws under the bottom foot pads to disassemble charger. But then what? The non-functioning charging door (station), let's name it 3, is the station at the opposite end from the USB power connection. With no batteries charging...
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    dji 3-battery charger failure.

    One port turns red when a battery is plugged in. Charger is very slow in charger mode.
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    Tello FPV app

    bhack , hearing aids - Apologize OFF SUBJECT. I too use hearing aids - for 20 years. None very good especially noisy environments. Last summer purchased Bose HearPhones, $499. AMAZING hearing aids. I can now hear better in noisy environments than most people, young or old (matured). Have not...
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    Various Tello Lighting Mods. Downlights, top case light, floodlights

    SleepyRobo, thanks. I Appreciate the suggestion. Considered that a while back and ran into a snag. The voltage to arm the ViFly Finder needs to be a continuous voltage not an intermittent voltage as I suspect goes to the front light. I am guessing the enabling (continuous signal) for the front...
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    Various Tello Lighting Mods. Downlights, top case light, floodlights

    DRN1, great info. Thanks. A couple of questions related to a current project of mine - implement ViFly Finder V2 on my Tello that will alarm when the Tello is lost and has not ejected its battery. 1. In your light mods when the lights are powered from the Tello's Micro USB port do the lights...
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    Brainstorm: what we can install to Tello

    I have used the Tile Mate. Weight reduces flight time ~ 1 minute at most. With iPhone X, Td1, Mi and the Mate Velcro'd to underside seems to drop control at 100 ft distance and 10 ft altitude with 2 Wi-Fi bars on Tello app. Normally with same setup without Mate good to at least 200 ft. Also...
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    Gamevice for iPhone

    Had the same problem fitting my iPhone X with glass protectors on both sides of the phone. Solved fit problem by loosening the four screw on each side of the Gamevice (8 screws total) just enough to allow the "thicker" iPhone to fit securely.
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    Tello FPV app

    Darn. Would love to use it on my iPhone based on the many favorable reviews. Just a kindly meant request (compliment). Steve.
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    Sensor problems or I do not know what problem is ...

    I can confirm flying near the ground (appx. <3 ft) will slow yaw, pitch and roll as if the Tello was in the "Slow" mode.
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    Overheating at rest

    As several other members have suggested and also noted in the Half Chrome video a small fan sufficiently cools the Tello preventing over temperature shutdown. I purchased a small USB rechargeable fan from Amazon...
  15. S firmware Mi Xiaomi repeater will not connect to Tello

    Thanks for all the help from the forum members. I have attached a procedure I created that explains connecting the Tello to the Mi Repeater 2. Therefore later on when I have problems connecting I can evert back to this procedure. An issue of senior memory. Steve.