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Recent content by Terryrahm

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    VPS issue?

    Every time. When I issue the takeoff it flies up about 12 inches then immediately lands rather abruptly with motors still running and then the motors spool up and it lifts off again over and over. It does not respond immediately to the land command.
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    VPS issue?

    Yes, Bluetooth is disabled and device is on airplane mode. IMU was also calibrated..
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    VPS issue?

    Tello is relatively new and has flown well out of the box. I checked all your suggestions and found no problems. Thanks for the reply.
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    VPS issue?

    My Tello flies up about a foot then lands with motors still running then repeats this process. Battery is charged, firmware is latest, flying outdoors on sunny day. Cleaned VPS sensors with dry cotton cloth. Tried two different controllers with same result. Help!
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    Tello now goes up, up, and away...

    I had a similar problem with my Tello. Fortunately it was still under warranty. Ryze replaced some defective components and now it is ok.
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    Droneblock missions not saved.

    Missions not saved in DroneBlocks. I create a mission, click on save and name the mission. DroneBlocks reports that the mission has been saved however the next time I open DroneBlocks the mission is not there. I am programming a Tello on my iPad gen 5. Terry