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Recent content by Tutu’sTello

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    Pimp my tello

    My hubby just painted mine today! Pink of course lol
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    Howdi from sunny Florida

    Beautiful, idk where in Florida you are but where I am it’s not at all sunny, it’s raining sideways lol
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    Hi from Orlando,Florida

    Omg I hate to hear that! I haven’t played with mine outside yet. Lol. Hope u get a new toy soon!
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    Hi from Orlando,Florida

    Got the Tello for my birthday cuz hubby got a cheapie drone for Christmas and caught the bug. I wasn’t into the drones until I saw the Tello, decided to get the combo w extra batteries, so happy I did. LOVE the Tello, definitely caught the bug and am so happy I got it! I’m perfectly happy with...