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    Question - Xiaomi wifi repeater 2 versus Powerbank amp's output

    Normally it uses a 1 amp adapter, so using it on a 1 amp powerbank shouldn't be a problem. However, the battery lifetime will be short! You don't want the powerbank to run empty before you got your tello on the ground because you will lose control as soon as the powerbank is empty and the...
  2. Unconnected

    TALS for iOS has gone.

    sad to see it go! but thanks for developing it. It will stay on my iphone for as long as I have my tello :cool:
  3. Unconnected

    This morning's effort

    lol. depends where you're at :p mostly buildings and highway here. I will take my bike this week when the wind drops and look for a more friendly environment ;)
  4. Unconnected

    This morning's effort

    Beautiful! :D how did you make the panorama? (btw: I wish I had a scenery like that in the Netherlands :cool:)
  5. Unconnected

    Tello battery meter.

    I think it's a android vs iphone thing. My iphone app doesn't have it :confused:
  6. Unconnected

    Vision positioning system

    Jip it is one 'sender' and one 'receiver' as far as I know [edit] Rob63 beat me to it :P lol
  7. Unconnected

    Using both the GameSir T1D controller and the xiaomi extender

    Thanks! I tried something similar, but as soon as I connected the bluetooth controller the video feed froze or got way choppy. Fixed it by not setting the video bitrate to auto but to 1 mbit and everything was fine! Next flight the bitrate was automatically set to auto again, but somehow it...
  8. Unconnected

    Using both the GameSir T1D controller and the xiaomi extender

    Recieved my gamesir yesterday and it works perfectly with my iphone 6s and the tello drone. I also have the xiaomi extender and i’ve been flying with that as well without a problem. The problem is using both! As soon as I connect the gamesir (after connecting to the extender) the video feed...
  9. Unconnected

    30 meters flight using Mi Repeater and TALS app.

    going to try my repeater tomorrow. looks like a lot more fun and way better video quality with it! :O
  10. Unconnected

    Some photos from my vacation in the US

    Just some simple snapshots I took with my Tello. Most are from campsites we stayed at. Really loving this thing :D video's will follow. Our RV Campsites Above the water :P Cloudy day Inside the woods And a bit higher then the standerd with the TALS tool 14 meter is around...
  11. Unconnected

    Castle Waldthausen / Germany

    Beautiful! It almost looks like a HDR :cool:
  12. Unconnected

    Checking in from The Netherlands!

    Hi all! thanks for the great forum! Got a lot of info from it before I bought my Tello. Bought it at Walmart on my summer holiday last month in the US. Shoot some great photos and videos while I was on vacation, which I will share soon now I'm back in my home town with a way better internet...
  13. Unconnected

    what happens if im flying my tello and my phone runs outta battery?

    It happend to me a few days ago. I had my iphone on an external battery but forgot to turn it on so after a few minutes my phone died. The tello stopped moving and kept hovering. I quickly turned on the battery and restarted my phone and restarted the tello app. The controls came back and I was...