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Recent content by Woodie_07

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    Cant take off

    Have you tried installing the app on a different device?
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    Wifi extender

    No, that is not a repeater, that is something you plug into your computer to give it WiFi.
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    Connecting to DJI Android SDK using Unity.

    Looks like it can't find com.secneo.sdk.Helper but I don't know how to fix it as I haven't used the DJI SDK before.
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    New Android App: TelloMe (FollowMe for Tello)

    Just tested it out indoors on the follow face mode and it seems to do quite well with my Samsung Galaxy Tab A. The drone did follow me but there were a few times where it lost me for no reason. At one point, I walked quite fast and it lost my face as I moved direction to the left but instead of...
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    New Android App: TelloMe (FollowMe for Tello)

    I have installed the app and will try it when my batteries finish charging. Looks like a good app and I'm excited to try it.
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    Follow Me Android App, Beta testers needed for my Tello Vision 1D

    I have downloaded the app on my tablet and will be testing it later today. When I opened the app on my tablet, because the screen is big, the label that says ‘txt Tello —->’ that I’m assuming is supposed to point to the text SDK input was the other side of the screen to the text input. Maybe...
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    Something old something new.

    Looks like at 2:09 one of the props clips a branch but the Tello just keeps on flying.
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    Doesn’t take off after crash

    Did you replace the propellers? It sounds like the propellers are on wrong. Make sure the propellers with the marks goes on the arm with the marks. If that doesn’t work, try an IMU calibration.
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    I have problems turning on my tello.

    Translated with google translate: I have the 3 batteries, but when they connect the phone and the news. First the green lights appear and after 5 seconds it blinks softly in red. Not a great translation but it’s gives you an idea of what he/she is saying.
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    Tello Hero App Logs?

    Oh ok, never knew about this until now.
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    Tello Hero App Logs?

    Hello everyone, I noticed that the Tello Hero app could be accessed through iTunes File Sharing. When I look at its files, I see a folder called 'log'. Inside are 2 .DAT files of flights that I did with this app. I was using a normal tello with the hero app so this could be a way to log your...
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    Tello beeld problemen

    Translated with Google translate: hello everyone I bought the tello a few days ago now the problem is that sometimes I have a malfunction on the app, the image of the tello keeps on controlling but the image stays on (I think it means that the image is frozen but they still have control) and...
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    Are there any messages at the bottom of the Tello app?