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Access downward facing sensors with the normal tello drone


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Oct 6, 2023
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I'm a computer science student from Germany and I got a normal Tello drone back in 2019. I recently got into Object detection and AI stuff and accomplished some very high performance code using AI for object detection. The problem is, I'm currently only using the front camera. As I said I have the non EDU version of the Tello and was wondering if there is any way, hack or workaround to access the bottom sensors?
The hardware is build in, but how can I access it?
I looked up some posts and was reading the Tello SDK and found out I can only access them with the EDU version. My programmer heart was broken, so I was wondering if and how can I access them anyway. The VPS is working, so something must receive the data stream of the bottom sensors.

Maybe one of you know the answer to my questions.

Thanks for the help. :)
So I noticed in the djitellopy library there is this function which changes the direction of the camera. It seems you send the command "downvision {num}" to change which camera is being streamed where 0 is forward and 1 is down. I am wondering if it is possible to stream both at once though on separate ports. It is strange that this command is not in the SDK manual but it worked for me.
@sh3p "It is strange that this command is not in the SDK manual but it worked for me."
=> can you confirm that you were able to access the down camera with a normal Tello ?
I was using the Tello-EDU. I would have thought it would also work with the regular tello. Maybe make sure you are on the latest firmware?

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