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And she's gone


May 10, 2018
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Lost my Tello yesterday. Hit by a service van on a gravel driveway of a manor house. I thought it just bounced off and fell to the side, you can see me walking over to collect at the end of the video. Couldn't find it of course. I've had numerous reports locally of a quad seen run over by several cars about 1/4 of a mile away from where I lost it, so I guess its gone. Can afford to buy one more, but that's it, will need to be more careful.

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I lost mine today too. I'd set it free, to go to 30m high with TALS, and had a range extender, but it still managed to get away, behind some trees above a railway line where I couldn't see it. The phone dropped the Wifi connection and that was it. No more control. I'd only had it six days too!! :cry: But I did get a good picture before it wentView attachment 711.
View attachment 711
Reading about the fly always made me paranoid!
Wrote my phone number on my new Tello with a permanent marker , and attached a Tile Mate on the bottom. (I left a about a 4mm gap between the Tile and the cooling vents. I used Blu-Tack adhesive.)

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