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Any thoughts on patterns for better ground tracking?


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Apr 7, 2018
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I saw this video of a booth at CES and got to thinking about patterns that might help the Tello track the ground better. Autel used a pattern of dots in various sizes and shades of gray when demonstrating their Evo drone.

I think the various sizes of dots are a good idea. I wonder if shades of gray are the best color for using with the Tello though.

Is there more information about the ground tracking sensors used in the Tello?
There are some guidelines in the Users Manual. They specifically tell you not to depend on areas with regular patterns. For my own part, my own utterly unscientific observations, is that the Tello seems to like a field of view where there is NOT a regular pattern that's not directional. If I hover it over my beige, featureless carpet, it drifts until it finds something that's not beige carpet, like a coffee table, a shoe, or something. Same thing happens over groomed grass. If there is no obvious feature like a weed, a bald spot, or a sprinkler head, it drifts a bit, especially if there's a breeze. It does have a primitive INS (inertial navigation system), but it doesn't appear to be able to sense gentle movements. I don't know if the vision system sees in color or not, and if that makes any difference, but I've noticed that a lack of features definitely confuse the thing a little. If the Tello's vision system only sees in grey scale, that's OK. I think it's the shapes it sees that are important, not so much the color of the shapes. But like I said, these are only my own observations.

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