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Change the Port of Tello EDU for Video Stream


May 18, 2022
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I was wondering if it was possible to change the Port that a Tello EDU Drone sends video stream to (using the IR bottom facing camera, not the front facing camera).

I am currently programming a drone swarm in AP Mode and sending instructions through a Wifi router (following this tutorial:
). In order to improve the precision of the drones I have implemented an Aruco marker global positioning system, and this requires all 5 drones to send back video stream to my laptop in order to decipher which Aruco maker ID they are currently hovering over. This is a photo of the Aruco marker set up:

Currently all 5 drones are trying to bind to the same port when sending back video stream, but there is a set limitation of 1 drone binding to the port at a time (I assume? Otherwise not sure why only 1 drone is sending back video), and this is preventing all 5 drones from sending back video stream, and therefore identifying which Aruco marker they are currently hovering over.
Is there a way we can specify the drones to send back video stream to different ports? Is there an API that allows us to change the Port a tello is sending video to? Or alternatively remove the limitation of one drone binding to the port at a time and somehow deciphering which frame is being sent from which drone to form 5 separate video streams? Is there any other way we could implement this?
Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!
Thank you :)

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