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DaVinci Resolve 15.2.2 and TelloFPV 0.94 not compatible with each other?


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Dec 29, 2018
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Maryland, USA
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This is what I get when I load TelloFPV (0.94) footage into Blackmagic Design DaVinci Resolve 15.2.2 (free version). The same does not happen with the DJI Tello application. Video loaded from there works fine. This is the first time that I've come across something like that in DaVinci Resolve.

On the flip side, I tested Kdnlive and the free version of VSDC Video Editor and both of them processed the video footage coming off of the TelloFPV app without issues.

Anyone else with odd video situations when using TelloFPV? From what I gather TelloFPV addresses weaknesses typically associated with the DJI Tello app. I'm a bit surprised that a hard-core production software suite such as DaVinci Resolve can't process TelloFPV's video files.

Just sharing my observations.
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You are not the only one. I got a handful of report from users and found a bug that might cause this. The container video dimensions & the stream dimensions don't match. Thats at leas the reason for the green bar at the bottom. Fixed in v0.96 . I don't know if this also fixes the greenish discoloration.

Please check the v0.96. Its currently available if you join the Beta test program: open TelloFpv on google play store using a device that has TelloFpv installed and you will see such an option. Or wait a few days for it to be promoted to production. Maybe tomorrow

Please report back if that fixes the issue.

Or maybe if it does not help: v0.96 also introduced the option to save the raw h264 elementary stream. Maybe DaVinci can read that?

TelloFPF in its current BETA version 0.96 is compatible with DaVinci Resolve 15.

But, ... --and there's always a 'but', isn't there... :)

(And I believe this isn't new, either)

There are these red "/!\ Media Offline" frames every so often. Single frames only, but enough to be noticed in the footage.

Thanks for making the beta version available for testing!
Is there a way to suppress those? It's a pain to pull those in post...
This appears to be a fairly common issue for davinci at least with h264 media. A quick Google gave many problems, workarounds, ...
Blackmagic Forum • View topic - Media Offline Error on local storage

My guess is that this is a problem between davinci and the encoder codec on android. Maybe you can use the new h264 recording option?

I will look into codecs next week. But no promises, i am not going to code around incompatibilities between different android codecs and certain software.
Yeah, sorry for that!

Ignore. It's got to be on the DaVinci Resolve side of things.

I'll figure it out.
Thank you so much though for looking into this.
This is interesting...

From the thread you referenced, very last entry:

"H.264 footage from some cameras not being seen at all normally happens under Windows with the free version, but some drone stuff doesn't even work under the full version or on a Mac.

If the clips themselves are recognized and shown by Resolve, offline errors can be caused by clips without proper timecode (all starting at zero) or by duplicate names and no tape/reel metadata."

It'd be killer if TelloFPV had this fixed and DJI's stuff did not! Multi-billion-$ corp vs. lonely developer... ha!
There's a free Windows app that apparently fixes this: HandBrake: Open Source Video Transcoder

I'm testing it now with the 'raw' files that TelloFPV (version 0.96 and up) lets you save as .264 and are not directly consumable by DaVinci Resolve (not that I've seen it anyways but I'm only using defaults, nothing advanced).

  • So, yes, that worked --> i.e., chasing it through Handbrake.
  • .264 file in, .mp4 file out, all recoded, neat and clean.
  • Adds a couple minutes to the work flow.
  • An entire folder can be processed at once, while doing something else.
I've also found that Davinci Resolve doesn't like .AVI files, so I've been using Shotcut to convert to .mov or .mp4 and load that into Davinci.
Oh, l like that!
Loaded neat and clean in DaVinci Resolve.

Any recommendations regarding the best settings for the TelloFPV footage for further post in DaVinci Resolve?

Thanks so much for sharing!
Folks, thats way above my paygrade. I'm no video specialist and I never edited any videos. Hope you get this sorted out.
If you have special needs for TelloFpv let me know !
Thanks, yes, this has been resolved. Consider this a non-issue.

The sharing of tips was directed at sadatoni, who might have garnered some experience with the use of shotgun and moving Tello footage through various editing processes.

The TelloFPV footage, and from what I could tell last night, both file formats, the .264 as well as the .mp4 files, once recoded in Shotgun or Handbrake, work flawlessly in DaVinci Resolve (and probably others).

Definitely, yes, it's taken care of.

Most appreciate all the input to get it cleared. Thank you everyone.

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