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Greetings from Finland ??


Aug 22, 2018
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Hi everyone! I'm a new Tello pilot, just did my first outdoor flights this weekend ?

I plan to shoot photos and videos mainly in beautiful Finnish nature. So far I'm really impressed and pleasantly surprised with this tiny little drone. I'm glad I found this forum, it was really useful when I searched information before I bought the Tello.

Before the Tello I used to fly Yuneec Breeze. It was fantastic when it happened to work. I got some amazing photos and video during more than 1 year I flew it. But it was extremely hard to make a wifi connection, and constantly kept losing it. Randomly the drone totally lost control, started drifting sideways and crashed. My last flight was a disaster: the motors stopped all of a sudden and the drone fell to gravel from maybe 20m, smashed into pieces.. R.I.P.
So at least in my case it had severe sw issues. And the Yuneec customer support is totally unexisting ?

I was thinking to buy another Breeze but I didn't want to invest so much in such an unreliable device anymore (here it costs 3 times more than Tello). The GPS was fine when it worked, the tilting camera was great and the video quality was perfect, as it was saved into the drone memory. And I sometimes managed to fly to >50m height before losing the connection! Those are the things that I will miss.

But Tello feels so much more reliable and stable than Breeze, at least in windless conditions. The camera is quite ok for having only 5MP. I got Tello up to 30m height and shot pretty smooth video too, with the Xiaomi wifi repeater. I'm happy?PSX_20180901_095913.jpg
Welcome to our newest forum .Hope you find all the resources you seek and look forward
to any photos or videos you might post .
Any issues just ask.
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It is a pleasure to welcome you to the ParrotPilots forum.
I hope that you will be able to use the forum to further your safety knowledge and for the exchange of innovative ideas and as a resource for current developments in Parrot quadcopters.
Enjoy the forum!

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