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Hello from West Yorkshire, England, UK


May 1, 2018
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Today I received my first drone (the Tello) - what a nice bit of kit, shame on the battery life, but I am sure we can work around that issue with lots of spare battery's.

So, a little about me, my name is Peter and I am 30 years old, I am a programmer (mainly PHP, MySQL, jQuery) but I have been looking at Python 3 for obvious reasons, I have created a server on my machine which runs Python 3 and is accessible from anyone around the world, my idea is to make it so anyone can fly this drone (with permission obviously) with restricted speed too... I am going to get around the video feed issue by screen capturing the video via the emulator and also 2 or 3 external webcams.

Anyway, look forward to seeing/speaking with you guys/girls soon.

Hey Peter, good to have a fellow Brit in the group. I'm a bit further south of you, near London to be exact, but I know there are a lot of drone flyers in your part of the country. Good choice on getting the Tello. Looking forward to seeing how you bring your programming skills to it.
Welcome to our newest forum .Hope you find all the resources you seek and look forward
to any photos or videos you might post .
Any issues just ask.
Enjoy (y)
I have managed to create a platform where you can control the drone remotely, it needs optimising and eventually (hopefully) access to the camera through the SDK somehow.

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