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Help! My Swift Tello swarm has Alzheimers...

Jul 12, 2020
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I have four tellos I fly in a swarm with Swift, just starting out but went through the playgrounds and the guarding fence tutorial and all was perfect. I created a routine to move two tellos around a diamond together using the transit command and the coordinates from each mission pad, which worked fine repeatedly. Then my intention was to add two more tellos flying in from behind the diamond and join the formation around the diamond, also using transit commands. I am certain the code was correct to do this, but when I attempted to run it the first drone on the AP (drone [0]) just started wandering around and crashed into another tello on it's route, which brought a third one down. I have videos... Anyway I recalibrated the IMU on drone [0] but not on the others as I ran them through their routes and they did ok outside of the swarm. Ran it again and another drone crapped out and more mid-air collisions, no visible damage and they will take off and hover on command. I modified the command back to the original 2 tellos on the diamond and it also failed - launched and landed no transits. This had worked 10 times in a row 2 days before. Finally, I connected each tello individually and ran the diamond route intended for drone[0], which worked for every one but drone[0] itself, which I am returning for replacement.
My question is, WTF? Why would the whole swarm progressively deterioriate this way? Are they worn out? I've been flying them a month or two. Should I return the whole swarm in addition to drone [0]? BTW I am using sync commands so I realize one bad apple is going to stop the whole show, but this isn't that. Some are flying and others stall out and it's a different crash scene every time. Any help would be appreciated. BTW I don't have a Mac; programming from an old iPad. Thanks, cob
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