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Holy stone instability


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Nov 1, 2022
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Any help or advice welcome.
I recently bought a Tello drone on the advice of a photographer friend. This works beautifully. It maintains its position perfectly unless there is strong wind without any trimming being required. It is, of course, limited in range, but works excellently for a beginner, and is very easy to steer and control.
My grandson wanted a drone for his birthday, and the Tello seemed a bit tame, so I researched some websites, and came up with the Holy Stone 181W. I thought we could just connect it up and fly it, as with the Tello, but it launched off in an arbitrary direction, and was very difficult to control. I then looked at the manual (yes, I know - if in doubt....), and found a mention of the trimmers, so tried using these to get it to go up vertically. I had some success with this, but when you pull back the joystick, it seems to move off in any old direction, instead of staying in the one position as the Tello does.
So I would like to know if
a) I am doing something wrong or missing something
b) there is something wrong with the device
c) this is what I should expect - it is just not easy to use, unlike the Tello.
Many thanks all.
I had to google the holystone and it's a fairly old technology low budget drone. Most likely it's optical flow sensor & processing isn't on par with the Tello sensor.

My vote goes to "C".
I am not aware of any drone on the market with similar qualities as the Tello.
This is actually a Tello forum as a Tello is an open source drone capable of assisting in classroom code teaching etc., yes, it’s a very wonderful flying drone as well. It’s what started it all for me,… I have many. Almost every brand made, toy drones and hobby grade to High end hobby grade circa pro stuff.
The cheaper drones are coming with more and more features, each day but the Tello is in a class by itself as I wouldn’t combine it in a category with cheap drones. Tello is not just a drone, but an open source educational tool as well.
It just flies really well for the price!!! as it needs to be capable of being steady in order to perform the functions it’s used for in classrooms. Students write codes to make them dance in the air in synchronization with other Tellos etc…. that’s just one example of classroom use. But so much to be learned from the little Tello. It’s worth it’s price many times over. i’ve done experiments with night time flying attaching lights to keep them steady in the dark, I’ve also lost quite a few that way, I was pushing the boundaries, Learning it’s full capabilities, i’ve purchased and improvised many accessories, and when I do fly Tellos I generally use a Wi-Fi extender for even greater range distance.
There’s lots of drones.( notice you never see Tellos on much of a sale) And they’ve barely changed with exception of TELLO EDU And they’ve barely changed with exception of TELLO EDU and Tello Robo master. All three tellos stay the same price, which shows you The bigger picture. Educational tools. Makes me wish I was young again, ha ha ha sounds much more interesting than my classes from years ago!!! have a wonderful time with your tello and grandson.
teach him well!
Needing Calibration /and/or inadequate lighting can cause this.(if there’s no GPS the only orientation it has,…is optical view) The downward pointing camera on the bottom of the aircraft.
Sorry guys just deleted 6 Off Topic post.
Let’s please stay on topic.
Thanks 👍

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