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how does the Tello compare to the Hubsan X4


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Mar 5, 2018
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I have have/had a couple of Hubsan X4 H107C HD and H107L version quads (with and without camera). They are half the price, or less. How does the Tello compare to these? I assume better camera and longer flight-time are a given.

I used these Hubsans to rip around VLOS in the park or at my work, and plan on using the Tello the same way. Or fly at a friends house which is inside a NFZ.

* I see the Tello is more stable, but does it still fly like a nimble Hubsan X4 or is is numbed down like the bigger video drones?

* Is is a bit resiliant, or is the first crach going to result in having to buy a new drone?

* I have never been able to fly the Hubsan out of range. i will lose sight/orientation before losing connection. I see the Tello only has ~30m range with iPhone. 30m is not much. 100m or 80m would be fine. What happens when losing connection with the Tello? does it have a land/hover on disconnect? hover on disconnect would be cool, then you can just walk back into range I assume.

* what are extra batteries going to cost? hubsan batteries are ridiculously cheap.

anyway, looking if it's worth twice the price of a hubsan and then not even have a controller.
Way better flying quad than the Husban. Feels more like a spark than the H107 (which used to be my go to intro quad. Hands down, I vote Tello as best entry level drone with similar functionality to the full on camera drone offerings of DJI.

Flies like a champ! Flips, circles, bounce and hand toss and landing. Insane little drone for the money. Must buy gift for the up and coming pilot. After mastering maneuvers here, I'd be ready to hand over one of my bigger birds.

Nothing in the price range gets you close IMO.
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I was hoping it would fly more like a little race quad, than a small camera platform. I already have a MPP and before I had Xiaomi mi 4K.

But for the price maybe I should just get one and try for myself.

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