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New European regulation & Dji Tello..


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Oct 29, 2018
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From June 2020
EASA confirmation on drone registration with a device capable of capturing personal data
This is how even an 80 gram micro drone like the DJI TELLO will force its user to register.

Registration required if "less then 250g when it is not a toy and it is equipped with a sensor able to capture personal data"

Tello is not a tool, so its a toy. But that may change anytime.
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not good. but we shall see if / when this is implemented in national law. In Germany there is currently AFAIK no process pending for changing existing laws.

Personally I consider Tello a Toy, and just because some website says its not a toy doesn't mean much. BTW: My boxes are all labelled "age 14+" which following their arguments makes it a toy.
This is only because the Tello is 14+ and mounts a camera ... in Italy from what I understand it is not accepted as a toy drone.
we'll see what happens with this new regulation.
Soon it will be 2021 and the new regulations will be in force.

Classification depends (among weight, speed,..) on the CE symbol.
I find it hard to believe, but on my Tello EDU there is no CE symbol.
I wonder how they can sell the product without a CE symbol.
The manual (something nobody reads) has no "conformity"-section (the one that not even the ones read who otherwise read a manual).

Tello's camera is a tricky thing in terms of regulations. An FPV camera does not count as a sensor to gain personal data. The photo or video is not recorded on-board (probably for this reason). But you can record it on the ground.

Anyway, if you fly any other model aircraft such as a glider or an aerobatic plane, the regulations for drones apply and you have to register and take the test if any of your models weigh 250g or more.
Regardless if you would refer to it as a drone or not. Regardless if it has a camera or not.
I guess not many RC-pilots know. If one of your friends is an RC-pilot, give him or her a hint.

You do not register your models or drones, you register as a person. You have to write your personal registration number on all of your models and drones.
Question on Minimum Age Requirement for Flying DJI Tello Drone
Hi Everyone,

I've been considering purchasing a DJI Tello drone as a gift for my cousin and in doing so, stumbled upon the intricate web of EU drone regulations, specifically regarding the minimum age for drone operators. The EU's legislation sets the minimum age for drone operation at 16, yet it appears there are several exceptions and nuances that might allow younger enthusiasts to engage in drone flying under certain conditions.

I recently found some information in German (for example here: Das ist das Mindestalter für Drohnen-Nutzer) regarding the minimum age requirements for operating drones under EU regulations, but I'm still feeling uncertain about my understanding due to the language barrier. While I did my best to translate and interpret the details, I'm not entirely confident I've grasped all the nuances and exceptions correctly. Specifically, I'm looking into the rules for younger drone enthusiasts and whether certain drones, like the DJI Tello, might be exempt from these age restrictions. I'd greatly appreciate any clarification or additional insights from someone more familiar with these regulations or who has navigated similar situations.

Given the DJI Tello's popularity as an entry-level drone and its appeal to younger users, I'm seeking clarity on a few points:

  • Is there a specific minimum age requirement for flying the DJI Tello drone under the EU regulations? Considering its features and capabilities, would it fall under the exceptions allowing younger individuals to fly it?
  • Can someone under 16 legally operate a DJI Tello if they're supervised by an adult who meets the necessary criteria (over 16, with a drone license if required, and the drone is insured)?
  • Would the DJI Tello be classified under the C0 class and open subcategory A1, and does it comply with the EU Toy Directive making it exempt from the minimum age requirement?
I'm aiming to make an informed decision before gifting it, ensuring it's not only a delightful surprise but also a legally compliant one. Any insights, experiences, or official sources you could share would greatly help clarify these regulations for me.

Also, if you have any personal anecdotes or advice on introducing younger individuals to the world of drone flying within the legal framework, I'd love to hear those as well.

Thanks in advance for your help!

Best, Christine
EU countries do not have *one* set of regulations. Its more like they are operating under an umbrella of regulations governed by the EU.

The devil is in the country specific details. I would suggest to not consider German websites as a reference unless your cousin lives in Germany.
For example Germany has a minimum age of 16. Others can lower this to 12 und the same EU regulation.
Some countries require insurance, some do not. Those who do may be OK with standard personal liability policies. Others (like Germany) require the drone insurance to follow the aerospace insurance protocol, which a few years ago made it impossible for consumers to find a valid insurance as there simply were none on the market.

I haven't bought a fresh Tello recently but I am pretty sure they don't come with a C0 mark so the toy directive exemption isn't applicable.

So at least in Germany anyone under age 16 has to operate the drone under experienced adult supervision. The supervisor is liable and has to provide valid insurance certificate and the operator ID that has to be written on Tello. Basically the kid just holds the remote.

All of that is of course only applicable outdoors. Indoors he can use Tello just like any other toy.

That said Tello is the only somewhat capable drone I personally would not worry about. The only danger is if people may be surprised / scared by a tiny drone, freak out and cause accidents. Stay away from roads, railroads, airports and there is little to worry about.
I never heard of anyone being hurt by a Tello. Any larger drone, especially with brushless motors, is a totally different thing. The Mavic Mini can easily cut skin and crush an eyeball. Tello can only curl hair

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