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Nintendo Joy Cons with TelloFpv


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Aug 16, 2023
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Got my Tello in the mail today and gave it an indoor test flight with joy cons connected to TelloFpv running on my iPad mini 6. I thought it worked great, although I don’t have a gamesir to compare it with. Just wanted to confirm that this works.

The video is super laggy/delayed - I would say 1 full second of latency. Is that normal?
nope. Lag should be under 200ms

I never thought of using Joycons. I'll grab them from my kid's Switch and give it a try. Maybe they are the cause for this problem.
Good question. Maybe some background app doing something ?

I just flew a round with those borrowed Joycons. Works OK but not really impressed by their precision, mostly due to the short "sticks". There was no noticable control lag.

I measured the video lag with those Joycons connected and it was pretty good as you can see: at the top there is a stop watch on the monitor and below is the Iphone's screen. The diff in milliseconds is the video delay or "lag", around 135ms on an Iphone SE 2020.


Maybe try to reboot the phone. If that doesn't help you can try to turn off mobile data.
Is the lag also bad without Joycons?

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