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Onboard Raspberry Pi

We have used many top loads on the Tello 'talent watthour nay flight problems as long as you do not exceed the Maximum Take Off Weight. If you exceed this Weight, it will fly crazy, and out of control. Yu can find the TOW, and MTOW in the specifications. We are working on similar ideas. We have found a nice *.stl file on thing verse to 3D print a mount for the pi zero. We will try to print it this weekend. Also the Roblin ZUMI come as a Robot and uses a Raspberry Pi. .it has a automobile shell that can be removed. and then consists of a Pi zero W, with a board with lights, iiC display, and pi camera. It doe AI, recognition, reads QR codes, etc with software installed, d connects to an android tablet. It can be mounted on a Tello Talent with the camera place where you want it. The kit sells for about $200. We are redoing the board is decrease the weight. So far, it looks good, and everything seems to work in this manner. I hope this gives you some ideas.
Hi @martinpi - this project looks great!

I have a quick question about getting signals from sensors.
I am also following your idea. I have 1 GPS sensor and a distance sensor. I tried to build ROS services but it doesn't seem to work well on Pi Zero. I've been looking for another solution so I'm looking forward to your advice. You shared that "To read out sensors, send commands and confirmations to/from Raspi, you can write a (Python) program just like the communication with the Tello SDK." Can you share with me more detail about this idea?

Thanks in advance for any response

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