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Question about hanyazou/TelloPy


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Jul 16, 2019
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sorry if this is the wrong place to post - just found this forum, so I may not be familiar with all of the forums/posts (yet)

I'm trying to use the TelloPy library (which is based on a port of GOBOT) - looking for anyone that is using this library. What looked
to be pretty straight forward is kinda confusing to me. I want to do something really simple - I want to take off, rotate 90 degrees,
go forward a few feet and land. Seems simple enough.

Using the library there is a clockwise() method - that takes a single value (between 1 and 100) - that range seemed odd to me since I expected
degrees to rotate (ie, 0 - 360) - but it seems calling that method causes the drone to rotate clockwise at a speed specified in the parameter (ie, 100 is
a pretty fast rotation and 1 is a really slow rotatation).

So how do I get it to rotate just 90 degrees ? I guess I could call the forward() method after some amount of time in its rotation, but how do I know
the degrees/second value - is that what the parameter is ?

any help (or probably pointers) would be so very much welcomed !!!


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