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RAV Power File Hub as Repeater/Extender?

Hi all,

I have a RAV Power file hub that’s supposed to be able to create its own network. Anyone have one and tried it? I can’t seem to get it to connect to the Tello, but that could be user error.

RAVPower FileHub Plus, Wireless Travel Router, SD Card USB Reader, 6000mAh External Battery
Hi Shortybiscuit

I have one and I was able to set it up. I got a connection to my S7edge and was able to fly the tello, but no video link. By the way: I have to disable mobile data. Otherwise the tello would not connect.
Seems useless.
Today I ordered the MI 2 repeater. Can use the RAV Power as powerbank.
Hi! I don’t know if using an iPhone was the difference. Can you tell me what you did? No video link? I wonder why. (edited my dumb question that you already answered)
I just followed the the procedure to bring the RAV WD03 into bridge mode.
Obviously the video transmission is done with a protocol that the RAV doesn't relay.

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