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Recharging the Tello aircraft in EXACTLY one hour after getting 16 full minutes from the battery


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Mar 15, 2018
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According to the downloaded Manual (p.15), with a 5V charger rated at 1.5A or above, 1.5 hours are required for a full recharge.

However, even when the battery is down to 2% following creation of the Tello Albums, my experience is that with the attached charger* and a one-foot Anker cable, it takes precisely one hour for a full recharge.

Also, from launch through creation of the Tello albums, I consistently get 16 minutes per battery.

*Type the following code into the Amazon Search bar" B01L0KN8OS


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I'm using a cellphone charger with 5 volt and 1amp output (not 1.5 amp). Yup, one hour is what I'm getting. Don't know if that half amp less makes any difference.
No, with an LG Android phone charger. But I did notice the Apple charger is the same; 5v, 1 amp.
I'm using both a low 1 amp and a 2.5 amp. Still about 1 hour+ using both chargers. I have not tried a computer USB port.
Back to your previous reply on compatible RC controllers...I've succumbed to the fact that there are no controllers that will work with the Tello as of yet. So I decided to work with the virtual controllers in the app. The virtual joysticks are quite sensitive which is very good. It allows for learning precise maneuvering skills which can be transferred if wanting to upgrade to prosumer drones like the Mavic Pro. After all, expecting too much out of a $100 drone is unreal. Its a great learning platform as well as a absolute joy to fly! Enjoy, girl!
No, with an LG Android phone charger. But I did notice the Apple charger is the same; 5v, 1 amp.

If I allow the battery on my LG V10 to get below 15%, the charger and cable that came with it usually put out 1.67 to 1.8A IF (as I always do) I remove the battery from the phone and place it in the cradle that came with it. :giggle:

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