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Jan 22, 2021
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I have not bought the tello yet, so don't laugh at me if this sounds ridiculous, but is there a way to code the tello edu so it remember which buttons you pressed, and when you want it to return home, it performs the exact opposite steps you took?
TelloFPV has something like this but as Tello has no GPS, odometry based algorithms always suffer from some drift.

Perhaps you should think about the choice of your username...
so it dosent have return to home?
TelloFpv uses the position data provided by Tello's VPS to guide the drone back to it's starting point, or to be more precise: to where Tello thinks it started from.
VPS uses data from the bottom facing camera as well as IMU data and maybe more sensors. Hard to tell from the outside.

Sometimes RTH is surprisingly accurate:I can fly around for 2 minutes in my office and it returns back to me within arm's reach.
If I fly 10 minutes outsite in sport mode I am happy if it's return point is within 30m from the starting point.
If I fly over some body of water or do any other stupid things that confuse the VPS I know Tello won't return home automatically.

RTH is a fun thing and has saved a few drones of overly ambitious pilots , but it has nowhere the accuracy or reliability of a GPS drone
Accurate GPS doesn't really matter, long as it backtracks because the only real use is when the wifi signal drops out which due to interference on these unlicensed frequencies is common in some areas.

So will it try to back track or go back down in altitude during a complete wifi dropout or not? Because it's useless otherwise and dangerous for anything other than Selfie Drone.
It's an app running on the smartphone and relies on a connection to the drone to control it. So there is no way it can do what you ask for.
Raising this post from the dead...

Question: when I set a new home point on tellofpv app, does it use the drones current position or the phones?

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