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From Tello to Mini and back - my experience!


Apr 6, 2020
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This is my brazilian experience from my Tello to a Mavic Mini and back to Tello. Why the brazilian part is important? Because here in Brazil we have slightly different legislation that makes all the difference!

In Brazil the Mavic Mini is not rated by the Take-Off Weight (TOW), but by it's Maximum Take-Off Weight (MTOW). This means that the Mini is not considered sub-250g drone, and it falls into the higher category.

I bought my Tello back in 2020, with the combo package, and fell in love with it! It was small, fun and I could do some pics and videos for social media. So, the next move was to buy a Mavic Mini, which I did on 2021.

I was amazed by it's video quality and reach, the moving gimball and photo quality. It was obiviously bigger than the Tello, but it didn't bother too much, aside the Tello didn't need a controller and that was a plus for fast deployment.

But I had to have registered in 3 different agencies here in Brazil and had to have permission for almost every flight, since I live in a 2 million people city. To get things worse, I live within 2 miles from an airport, so even to fly indoors was a hassle. Not that I enjoyed flying the Mini indoors as much as I did the Tello, since it makes way more wind with the engines and when it hits something, it's way more serious.

So, more and more, I wasn't using the Mini. And it also was a more expensive equipment that drawed more attention. That, and the burocracy to fly, took away the fun part, making it more professional. And professional as better quality, but also as in "it's a job" feeling.

So I selled the mavic mini and went back to the origins! For me, I'm not gonna be a drone pilot on the strict sense, I like the idea of it without the hassle! And the Tello provided this back to me!
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