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Samsung s8 + wifi extender OTG

Massive improvement in range. It doesn’t help quite as much for overly crowded Wi-Fi channels, but IMHO a no brainer. I use one with a power brick mounted to my BT game controller, which also has a bracket to hold my iPhone. Since I was bothering with the power brick, I got one with 2 USB ports so I could charge my phone at the same time. The brick is larger than I want, so I’ve also used it to charge my Tello batteries while on the go.

[EDIT] I just looked it up on a map, and I’ve gotten just over a 0.1 mile range with the same Wi-Fi adapter. That’s over 500 feet, or 160 meters.
To be honest my video was never *that* bad, but admittedly my expectations were pretty low. And I live in an area with very crowded Wi-Fi, so I’ve attributed most issues to that (e.g. I’m 5 feet away from the drone and the app is giving me “strong wireless interference” messages - and I get the same thing with my Mavic Air when it is only a few hundred feet away, a fraction of its range). But inasmuch as the range is extended, yes, the video is better than without the repeater when the drone is more than ~50 feet away. In the 500 feet example above, this is where the drone became uncontrollable - it was still responding to commands, but I couldn’t see it (directly, not the feed), and the video was breaking up such that I had to fly very slowly. 20-30 feet closer, and I had a stable connection (minimal video stutter). Again, worth the $10 if you plug it into a power brick you already own, and just keep it near you when you fly. I’m not sure it was worth the additional $20 for a new power brick (with 2 USB ports that fits under my controller), a $10 bracket to mount my phone to the controller (though I might have bought that anyway), and an $8 short, right angle lightning connector to charge my phone. But here I am.
Oh, and I also modded one of those parabolic signal boosters made for DJI controllers, using it with a zip tie to position it where I think the PCB antenna is along the Xiaomi repeater. I haven’t done a range test yet, but it *has* caused some connection issues when flying the drone in my immediate vicinity, when I wasn’t careful about pointing the rig at the drone. Or maybe that was just unrelated interference?!? At any rate, given that the Tello isn’t exactly a range monster, and my controller setup is already a little clunky, I don’t think I’ll be using the range extender/booster, and I wouldn’t recommend it. Best to just keep the Tello in your vicinity, where you can see it. I’ll probably just keep the extender in my bag in case I get in a real pinch (e.g. drone cuts out and won’t respond at all), but the alternative is just walking a few meters closer. Maybe if there is a ravene in between me and my Tello?

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