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Step by Step Setup for Xiaomi WIFI Repeater 2 Amplifier (increases distance up to 550+ ft!)


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Aug 4, 2018
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Quick and unproofed text step by step process below for those that don't want to deal with YouTube being drawn out, although I got a little wordy. Took me two attempts to get working but it's working incredibly well and has extended the range more than I expected for $12.

1.) Use a Ryze Tello that you've got working in the official Tello app without the Repeater to ensure standard functionality. Make note of your max height and distance.

2.) Connect a controller if you have one which I highly recommend.

3.) Rename your Tello WiFi network to something without a dash or any special characters in the Official Tello App. I simply used "Tello" to make life easy. To change WiFi name and set password go to the Tello App/Settings(Gear Icon in App)/WiFi. Press enter on keyboard after each entry to confirm entry. After second "enter" command you should get prompted with a popup.

4.) Set a password for your renamed Tello WiFi network for best compatibility with Mi Home App, it doesn’t love unsecure networks. I used eight zero's to ensure I hit the character limit. "00000000"

5.) Use a Xiaomi WIFI Repeater 2 Amplifier. I purchased this "version" although most are the same from what I can tell.

6.) Install the "Mi Home" app from your App Store, I'm on Android. Not sure about iOS.

7.) Sign up for Mi Home account in app and login. Unfortunately it’s required to use the App. I use a throwaway/spam email account for any questionable apps like this one. The less you put your real phone number and/or real email out there the less spam email/calls you have to deal with! :)

8.) Change Region to Mainland China or Other in Profile/Settings/Region in the MiHome app.

9.) Plug Repeater into USB power source. I use a battery pack that sticks out of my pocket with the Repeater facing up. This way if wind takes the drone I can follow it around any obstructions to keep control with the Repeater on me. You can also use a USB OTG to your phone to power the repeater if you don’t like the idea of a battery pack, but that’s also bulky.

10.) Get your Repeater connected to your phone once in the MiHome app. Found it easiest to connect to the Repeaters default WiFi network then use device discovery in the MiHome app.

a) Alternatively you can select the Xiaomi WIFI Repeater 2 Amplifier from the device list in the App add device section.(this is why you change the Region)

11.) During setup process for Repeater you will turn your Tello drone on then connect Repeater to your Tello WiFI network. Once it is connected the Tello LED will start to blink more rapidly and the Repeater LED goes solid Blue from Yellow.

12.) Connect your phone/tablet to the WiFIName_Plus WiFi network. In my case it is “Tello_plus”.

13.) Open the Tello app. If your drone FPV is showing on your screen you have successfully setup your Repeater!

13.) Enjoy vastly improved range and practically perfect FPV camera feed!

Measured 550+ feet range today flying away from myself and 100ft directly above myself. The antennas seem to work best when the camera/front is pointed directly at you. I got about 250ft range with the drone camera oriented “normally”. I use this version of the GameSir which works perfectly. I do have to go into the Tello app/Settings/Bluetooth Controller Settings and add an additional available controller each time which is GameSir-T1GCM. Experience may vary with different variations of the GameSir T1.

Distance Measurement:


Flight videos showing distance travelled as well as height:

Thanks for your step by step instructions. I really cannot understand what the hell I'm doing wrong?!:'"*:;'';!!. I've followed yours, went on utube, asked around even took it to my local computer shop. No joy I have now decided to purchase a meross n300. Just carnt understand why????? My phone is fairly new also. Cheers anyway.

I found the instructions in the youtube video on the other thread more detailed

You're not saying where exactly it didnt work for you

I had to try multiple times - at first it didnt show any devices to add in the Mi Home app - I had to switch to another region and then back to mainland china
I do apologize for being rather vague in my post!!!!! I've gone through, done exactly what link you've put up, also followed gadget man's to the action and basically I get all the way to phone being out of range. The WiFi extender, Tello and phone are all well within center meters of one another. It then times out. I've put the password in the Tello, turned it off then back on, then put the password in the mi home app. So now trying a different WiFi extender. Let's just hope that the company who make the product make it far easier to make it all hook up and work really as it should.
I have just connected mine and I also got the 'Put the phone closer' and then it timed out. I followed the prompt to retry but it failed again twice. So I went back out of that section to the 'Add Device' then 'Connect to another router' and this time it just worked and I got the blue light and then I logged onto to the Tello wifi - mine also showed up as Tello_plus as in Anarche's instructions. Then l launched the app and got the video feed :) I have not watched the Youtube version but I think the instructions in this thread are all you need. Thanks to him for taking the time to share.

What I do not know is what I have to do each time I want to use the repeater. Do I have to go through the whole thing every time ?

Edit: To answer my own question once you have set it up, using it really is a piece of cake. Power on the extender (orange light), turn on Tello, on phone connect wifi to the extender. The original Tello wifi signal was there on mine but my phone automatically connected to Tello_plus without needing the password. In actual fact it tried once and failed and reacquired my home router so I just clicked Tello_plus again and it worked (blue light).

If Anarche is still reading this thread my I suggest you edit your post to add the bit about how you use the extender once you have set it up .....

To those guys who cannot get the extender to play ball have you tried changing region away from China and then back again ? I did that more by accident but ral67 said he had to do it in his post above. The other thing I always do when having problems with Android apps is to press the right hand soft button (the square one) at the bottom, the one that brings up all the open Android apps and then drag the Mi home app off the screen and probably best to drag everything off especially the Tello app if it is there.
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Well done. I've got as far as both connecting but like you it says put phone closer. It's practically on top of the extender..... From viewing the setup on YouTube, I can say that once you've set it up it's there until you reset the WiFi extender. Well done. I still cannot connect to the **** thing. Totally annoying.
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Nice write up! However, I may need to take a few Dramamine tablets to help with motion sickness the next time I watch one of your videos.
I just went through this process a few days ago, and it took multiple attempts. Watched two videos with just background music that were hard to follow. Then found one linked from this forum that had a good verbal and video. I did write down the steps, so this should help others.
When i add device, it says device connected, message sent to device and then tries to connet to network. does change to china do the trick?Thanks in advance
When we are on the screen of the xioami app with the circle to fill from 0 to 100%, it always gives an error in the end because it can not connect to the Internet (which is normal because the repeater will never be able to connect to the Internet through connection to Tello). We just have to exit the app when the repeater LED turns blue. The repeater will be memorized to Tello regardless of the web connection error.
It has always been that way with me. The important thing is the Led go blue and ignore the error of Internet access, leaving the App!
Then just try the Tello using the repeater.

I hope this helps someone, with me it works like this.
Note: Mainland China
Note2:before try this, reset the repeater with a clip.

Hi there Her Lag. Well, after the stress, numerous fits, rage, anger, and total frustrated feeling I decided to give it another go. So charged everything up and watched the videos on u tube. Went through each step as before, changed my Tello name and WiFi password, then followed the instructions. The first attempt the light turned blue, which I couldn't understand because it was saying that the third connection had failed. I turned everything off and then reconnected however this time it had my drone name with plus next to it. I connected to this, launched the Tello app and within afew seconds the adaptor light turned blue again and I had connection on screen. So finally I'm up and running. Thanks for you tips. Hopefully now the weather will improve and will be able to utilize the range extender. Cheers.
Welsh Tello.
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Just be careful, when it loses the ground vision thingy & it will, just a slight breeze & it will drift. Give yourself enough space. Have fun!
The antennas seem to work best when the camera/front is pointed directly at you. I got about 250ft range with the drone camera oriented “normally”.



Into my last flight I got opposite results: Image/signal is better at the beginning of recording, when drone moves away from me. At the second half of flight signal is worse when drone pointed directly towards pilot position.

It makes me crazy. Maybe Tello orientation and video quality has an arbitrary / unpredictible behaviour. Perhaps more experimentation needed.

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[QUOTE = "AnarchE, post: 7293, member: 2254"] Processus étape par étape pour le texte rapide et non corrigé décrit ci-dessous pour ceux qui ne souhaitent pas traiter de la création de YouTube, bien que je me sois un peu dit. Il m’a fallu deux tentatives pour travailler mais cela fonctionne incroyablement bien et a étendu la fourchette plus que prévu pour 12 $.

1.) Utilisez un Ryze Tello que vous avez dans l' application officielle Tello sans le répéteur pour assurer une fonctionnalité standard. Prenez note de votre hauteur et de votre distance maximales.

2.) Connectez un contrôleur si vous en avez un que je recommande fortement.

3.) Renommez votre réseau WiFi Tello en quelque chose sans tiret ni caractère spécial dans l'application officielle Tello. J'ai simplement utilisé "Tello" pour rendre la vie facile. Pour modifier le nom WiFi et le mot de passe, accédez à l'application Tello / Paramètres (icône d'engrenage dans l'application) / WiFi. Appuyez sur la touche Entrée du clavier après chaque entrée pour confirmer la saisie. Après la deuxième commande "enter", vous devriez recevoir un message contextuel.

4.) Définissez un mot de passe pour votre réseau WiFi renommé Tello pour une compatibilité optimale avec Mi Home App. Il n'aime pas les réseaux non sécurisés. J'ai utilisé huit zéros pour m'assurer d'atteindre la limite de caractères. "00000000"

5.) Utilisez un amplificateur Xiaomi WIFI Repeater 2 . J'ai acheté cette "version" bien que la plupart soient les mêmes de ce que je peux dire.

6.) Installez l'application " Mi Home " à partir de votre App Store, je suis sur Android. Pas sûr de iOS.

7.) Inscrivez-vous pour le compte Mi Home dans l'application et connectez-vous. Malheureusement, il est nécessaire d'utiliser l'application. J'utilise un compte de messagerie jetable / spam pour toute application discutable comme celle-ci. Moins vous communiquez votre vrai numéro de téléphone et / ou votre vrai courrier électronique, moins vous recevez de courrier indésirable / d'appels non sollicités! :)

8.) Changez de région en Chine continentale ou autre dans Profil / Paramètres / Région dans l'application MiHome.

9.) Branchez le répéteur dans la source d'alimentation USB. J'utilise une batterie qui sort de ma poche avec le répéteur dirigé vers le haut. De cette façon, si le vent prend le drone, je peux le suivre autour de toute obstruction pour garder le contrôle du répéteur sur moi. Vous pouvez également utiliser un OTG USB sur votre téléphone pour alimenter le répéteur si vous n’aimez pas l’idée d’une batterie, mais c’est aussi encombrant.

10.) Connectez votre Repeater à votre téléphone une fois dans l’application MiHome. Il est plus facile de se connecter au réseau WiFi par défaut de Repeaters, puis d’utiliser la découverte de périphériques dans l’application MiHome.

a) Vous pouvez également sélectionner l’amplificateur Xiaomi WIFI Repeater 2 dans la liste des appareils de la section Ajouter un appareil (c’est pourquoi vous changez de région).

11.) Pendant le processus de configuration de Repeater, vous allumez votre drone Tello, puis connectez Repeater à votre réseau Tello WiFI. Une fois connecté, le voyant Tello commence à clignoter plus rapidement et le voyant du répéteur passe du bleu au bleu.

12.) Connectez votre téléphone / tablette au réseau Wi-Fi WiFIName_Plus. Dans mon cas, c'est "Tello_plus".

13.) Ouvrez l'application Tello. Si votre drone FPV est affiché sur votre écran, vous avez correctement configuré votre Repeater!

13.) Profitez d’une portée considérablement améliorée et d’un flux de caméras FPV pratiquement parfait!

Mesuré plus de 550 pieds gamme aujourd'hui voler loin de moi et 100 pieds directement au-dessus de moi. Les antennes semblent mieux fonctionner lorsque la caméra / façade est dirigée directement vers vous. J'ai une portée d'environ 250 pieds avec la caméra drone orientée «normalement». J'utilise cette version du GameSir qui fonctionne parfaitement. Je dois accéder à l'application Tello / Paramètres / Paramètres du contrôleur Bluetooth et ajouter à chaque fois un contrôleur disponible supplémentaire, à savoir GameSir-T1GCM. L’expérience peut varier selon les variantes du GameSir T1.

Mesure de distance:

View attachment 1005http://anarche.org/images/RyzeTello.Mi.Repeater.png

Vidéos de vol montrant la distance parcourue ainsi que la hauteur:

[MEDIA = youtube] ncoZs0tfOBA [/ MEDIA]

[MEDIA = youtube] A8Hctp2CkDQ [/ MEDIA] [/ QUOTE]
Bonjour Cher Tello Pilot,Merci pour l’instruction et la vidéo concernant le repetiteur Xiaomi et le Tello.Je vais essayer comme indiqué. Prem
THANK YOU!!!! These instructions were perfect for my Xiaomi WIFI Repeater and hooking up my Tello! Everything was easy once I switched location in the Wifi Repeater app to "Mainland China" as it doesn't populate the app with preset products to attach to and can actually find the device from the app. The the Wifi pass entry was a sinch and done from there! (There was an error that poped up as it reported an inability to fully initialize, but as the LED was blue, I just restarted the Tello and Repeater and Viola! There was the new network name as you described.) I connected, and the Tello flies well! Thanks again!

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