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Tello and airports

Do not even try to fly close to airport or air strip
It could cause people to DIE

If there a dםונt-- There is NO doubt

That my way
Ok, and never use your mobile phone close to...it could cause people to DIE!!!!!
Dont kidding please,
30m max height..., 2.4 GHz standard Wi Fi connection, 80g weight.... maybe kill insects, but im not sure.

Anyway, airport is not for our tello :)
With Tello I would say if you fly inside the airport building you should be safe :D I mean the terminals, duty free zone, toilets. But not outside
Google + Your country + Drone regulation

Here in Canada, even if it's a little feather weight drone, there is some distance that are required to respect, even if it's the size of a small bird :p
Ok, the first post asked about interference:

It has a standard 2.4 GHz WiFi connection, so the same as the mobile phone wifi communication, It is dangerours exactly as a mobile phone, or a mobile router

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