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Tello Edu swarm with code

This is great! Could you possibly provide any details? You must be relying solely on the tello's own tracking data? I've seen this done before but I believe they used a mod to point the camera down and used the camera feed to register with qr codes one the ground.

In between the floor markers there aren't any objects to form patterns, and this is where I experience the worst tracking in my projects. Did you do anything custom to improve the tracking?

Other people have mentioned interference when flying multiple drones, did you experience any of that?

Edit: Ok so I see the tello EDU comes with the ability to write swarm code. Is the tello EDU more advanced either in hardware or software than the stock tello?
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Tello Edu support wifi station mode, all Tellos & pc (pad ...) join a wifi AP.

Ryze Tech

Drone Swarm

You can program multiples Tello EDUs simultaneously through one device. Use code to control a swarm of Tello EDUs, have them fly over Mission Pads, and perform flips and other acrobatic movements. Improve your programming skills while pushing the limits of your creativity!
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