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Tello + visual position estimation


Sep 30, 2018
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Like this guy's project

I made a similar project.IMG_0252.jpgIMG_0253.jpg
Here is the video:

The target was to make it fly in a circle, but it's a little bit troublesome, so I just made it fly to some points in a circle.

Now I simply use opencv(aruco library) to estimate the position of tello, and use pd controller to adjust it's position.

I used tellopy in my project.

It's open source, you can try it in my GitHub.

But to control the drone better, I want to know the attitude of tello(if you know how to get it, please tell me!!!! thanks!!)
also I will answer any thing I've made in my project.
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I don't know the SDK but I think you will need to use the binary protocol to get that. All info is hidden throughout this thread, and in Krag's TelloLib also referenced therein

But I doubt that attitude will help you much for indoor control. Attitude data is not realtime but batched and delayed by at least 100 ms.
Hi. what do you mean for additional camera ?

"additional camera(bottom facing) to esitimate the position of tello"
do you install another camera to tello drone ?

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