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TelloFPV app for iOS


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Jul 19, 2020
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Thanks for finding me, I’m drowning in the deep end. I just tried to respond to you with two different tablets and for some reason I couldn’t get logged in. My elderly mother got hacked. I had our devices linked together .Most of my stuff will not work. i’m now experiencing the very same problems that my mother has had for years.uuugh. Anyway I’ve got information to share with you, and I guess I should say congratulations because it looks like you are launching a new app. I have had two of your apps for a long time and I haven’t used FPV yet. Your optical view sensor seems to tell tello whether or not to panic. After adjusting the lights in probably a couple hundred different ways, it tends to work better if you lead it. Pronounced “Leed” be sure the light beam extends beyond where Tello is heading in the very next moment. I have pictures of a flash n fill on the bottom with adjustable elevation from tiny pieces of commercial grade Velcro. The idea here being, manipulate the sensor into thinking everything‘s OK. For your viewing camera, again commercial Velcro because it weighs less than any mount, A 10 g nitecore is ideal. Let me know when you get this, I’ve got some stuff sitting in front of me and I can click you some pictures


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Jan 1, 2021
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Apple approved a preliminary version to the store, so I was able to create this pre-order entry.

The first "real" version was just submitted to Testflight minutes ago, and once approved will be released to beta testers. Approval should take a day or two but during holiday season & covid you never know

The real thing should be ready early January but will not be 100% complete (lacking flight logs for example, maybe VR). Completion will take a few more weeks but I won't do every detail the same way I have done it in Android.
Over the last year I learned what makes sense and what doesn't:
Controller tuning will be simpler, and won't support a separate configuration for each controller you may have for example.
External controllers supported are MFI, Flypad, Gamesir T1d, and whatever the iOS supports (PS4 I think works as well).

I won't do the vGPS add-on, as I don't consider it _that_ useful and it was a huge pile of work for the microscopic revenue it generates (like a beer or two per month!).
My pre-order is in... looking forward to it!!


Jan 18, 2021
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Does the new ios app support the Xbox controller (as the Android version did)?

In terms of external controllers it should support any gamepad your iOS supports (check with a gamepad tester app!), plus T1D, T1S and Flypad.
Recommended controllers:
Wired: Gamevice works perfect but the tiny sticks could use some extensions.
BT: Flypad is a different level for stick precision and linearity compared to normal gamepads. But it's BT with all the problems associated.

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