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Water Landings?


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Jun 11, 2018
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Has anyone had any experiences with the Tello landing or crashing into water?
This weekend I took mine up at camp and caught a branch as I was skimming the shore, causing the motors to stop and the drone to plunge into the water completely submerging it. It took me a solid 10 seconds to recover the drone. Thankfully after a couple hours of drying it seems like everything is ok. Just curious if I'm extremely lucky and if there's any possible problems that I should watch out in the future for.
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Great that you were able to save your Tello! I believe that the downward facing sensors that help Tello maintain its position so nicely don’t work well over water or other reflective surfaces, so flying over water might be risky.
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On a similar note, I crashed my Tello into a tree (not sure what happened, I think low battery auto-land maybe?), but I couldn't retrieve it right away. The following night there was a storm, and now it seems to be upside down in the deep end of the pool. Once the lighting stops, I'll retrieve it. Any suggestions?
My tello crashed in a pond a couple of weeks ago. My "repair" procedure:
Take the battery out, remove the top and bottom cover, rinse everything with distilled water, put it in a bowl with dry rice, completely cover it with rice and leave it for at least a day.
It is working like new.
Hope you will be able to fix yours, too.
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Yes I would tend to echo the distilled water and rice app (perhaps with a side order of chicken dumplings ??) approach. While I have not had to do this with my tello, it has saved one of my previous phones after it went swimming.

Good luck
As an update, now about two weeks later and an hour or more flight time the drone is still working as normal. Hopefully you'll have similar luck Megladon7.
Used a hair drier w/o heat to blow as much of the water as possible out of the motors and guts. Removed the battery and gave it the same treatment. Followed that up with the rice treatment. No problems! Up and flying again.
ur still lucky, im try to flight tello for sunrise, nothing warning appear before take off, and after takeoff my apps say bad vision, and my tello fly away from me, i cant do nothing, try to landing but nothing happen, and u now what, my tello go to the midle of sea now, bye tello i wont buy again, this is my fisrt drone but for me i get this happen, the drone came yesterday, and now this happen, sad

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