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Which Drone? Indoors in automatic mode


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Mar 17, 2021
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I am still a drone novice concerns and look forward to your help.
For an art project I would like to fly a drone in a hall in automatic mode. The radius of movement of the drone should be about 10 meters, heigt is up to 7m. The drone should circle as long as possible by itself in the air. Since the automatic function works via gps-based waypoints and the GPS signal is weak indoors, the drone would have to rely on optical sensors. These tend to fail indoors.
The customer service of Dji could not recommend a suitable drone for my requirements. Maybe someone here has a solution or hint? That would help me a lot.


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Dec 13, 2018
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All optical sensors will loose track over time.
The only option I see is to analyze the video feed and identify key markers to evaluate and correct the drone's position.

This is nothing that currently exists or that someone else will create for you. If you don't know drone programming and computer vision you will spend a few months on this full time.


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Feb 20, 2020
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Hello, I have rad this a few times. Maybe something is missing. but his should be a simple tack for the Tello and other micro-drones with computer vision. We have been working on this since last July, with a simplified way to control the drone. Not sure on the height, as we do not usual fly that high, We work at 1, 2, & 3 meters. first we used the DJI mission pads. then started working with two Chinese computers. One used the Tello, and the other there microdrone. One uses a floor carpet with a pattern, the other uses arUco markers to identify the location for new programming directions. At present, only one company has as system that works with ease. They use the arUco makers and infrared sensor to locate the markers in the dark. This is in the realm of swarm or formation fly technology. Can be One, two, or many. They are sold as kits of four drones with all the accessories, such as router, carpet, etc. at present they work with a carpet, that will eliminate distance, but the arUco markers can be printed and easily put on banner as printed by most party stores, or eaten companies that make shower curtains. We are doing this for arts program in the field of music. These drone have LED's that can be light nd change colors as they fly. Most of this can be done with middle school children. I will send a sample video, These kits from China are at less than but near #1,000 USD. I will send a couple of videos. Please contact me at [email protected], and/or goto youtube MECTA for our videos. Please tell me where you are located. Most of this can be done with the Tello using Computer vision, but it is a steep learning curve for most. Good Luck.

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