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Tellos physical capabilities

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  • This branch is meant to be a place to share experiences of the physical capabilities of the tello.

    I'll probably move this to a subpage later but just as an example:

    What can the Tello lift? or Lifting things with Tello

    This video shows some testing of this question. They hang different weights under the Tello with a string and hook (4g). They get up to 63g (an egg) with it still being fairly stable. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R3oGHuXFu4k
    It's obvious that they have some steering/stability problems. I Was going to try something similar and found that just hanging a string down from the Tello is problematic. Since the stability of the Tello is built on the VPS (visual positioning system) the downward camera for that will see the hanging, and swinging string. That will of course be confusing for the VPS.

    Carrying a AA battery taped to the top is no problem if placed not in the way for the propellers.

    Several have carried a separate camera on the top.

    The Tello Edu can be extended with a unit that is connected to the top. I don't know the weight, but the dimensions are here:

    Other possible sub pages:

    Looking down
    * using mirrors
    * how does the VPS camera work

    * do any chargers work faster?

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